Cinnamon Medicine

  1. Boosts memory & thinking power
  2. Reduce blood clotting
  3. Reduce blood sugar levels & blood cholesterol levels
  4. Relieves digestive upsets
  5. Relieves nasal and chest congestion
  6. Relieves menstrual problems
  7. Relieves stiff joints and muscles
  8. Anti-inflammatory agent and a pain reliever to arthritis patients
  9. Helps to cure urine tract infections
  10. Fights tooth decay and gym disease
  11. The sweet smell promotes peace in mind
  12. The anti-microbial properties in cinnamon purifies skin and removes dead skin cells restoring shine and suppleness
  13. Cinnamon increases blood circulation to the surface of the skin, alleviating fine lines and improving skin tone
  14. Cinnamon bark oil (Not ready to apply/ingest directly) – Natural complexion enhancer and benefits overall skin health
  15. Cinnamon leaf oil (Not ready to apply/ingest directly) – Strong germ killing properties works as a disinfectant in cleaning activities

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Cinnamon quills/powder/tea  is safe to consume internally, but it is not so for cinnamon bark oil and leaf oil. Use cinnamon oils properly diluted as directed by a qualified health practitioner (eg: one drop of oil to a glass of water) when applying on skin / hair, using as mouth wash, making facial scrub or foot soak. Never ingest cinnamon bark / leaf oil without the instruction of a qualified health practitioner. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using cinnamon bark / leaf oil as it may induce menstruation, which is dangerous for the unborn child.