How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil?

  • Thumbs up for baking cookies, cakes and pies

  • Perfect for frying and roasting

  • Good for lower temperature sauteing

*Unrefined coconut oil melts at 24-25°C (76°F) and smokes at 177°C (350°F). So, it’s not good for high-temperature frying.

finished cookies right out of the oven


  • Topping for porridge and lip-smacking smoothies

  • For scrumptious potatoes, vegetables and salads, instead of butter or margarine

finished cookies right out of the oven


  • Great as a skin moisturizer & as a lip balm.

  • Excellent massage oil.

  • Nourishing for hair-care.

  • Speeds up the healing process of bruises.

finished cookies right out of the oven

How much Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) to consume?

Use as per directed by a qualified health practitioner. A beneficial dosage is 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, to provide enough lauric acid to build the immune system.


VCO is a fat; 1 tablespoon contains 120 calories. So do not eat too much. Include just enough to get the health benefits.