extra Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Manufacturing Standards :

  • ISO 22000
  • USDA Organic (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards)


Ingredients: 100% Virgin Coconut Oil made from fresh coconuts

  • 100% Natural
  • Rich in Lauric Acid
  • Cold Pressed below 55 Celsius
  • Unrefined, Unbleached, Non Deodorized
  • No Hydrogenated Fats
  • No Additives or Chemicals, No Preservatives

Jar Range & Bottle Range

Perfect for cooking, roasting, frying & for baking cookies, cakes & pies.

Topping for porridge & smoothies. For scrumptious potatoes, vegetables & salads, instead of butter or margarine.

Great as a skin moisturizer, for body massage & as a lip balm. Nourishing for hair-care.

Bottle Range

(Best Suited for Tropical Climates with Temperature over 27º C (81º F) where Coconut Oil is in its Liquid Form)


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(375 ml - 13.5 fl oz bottle)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(775 ml - 27 fl oz bottle)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(250 ml bottle)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(100ml bottle)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(100 ml - Laura Hair Oil)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(50ml - Laura Hair Oil)

Jar Range

(Best Suited for Temperate Climates with Average Temperature below 27º C (81º F) where Coconut Oil is in its Solid Form)


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(165 ml - 5.5 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(240 ml - 8.1 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(300 ml - 10.1 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(340 ml - 11.4 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(520 ml - 17.5 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(685 ml - 23.1 fl oz Jar)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
(1000 ml - 33.8 fl oz Jar)



If Rice was not the staple food of Sri Lanka, it surely would have been Coconut!

From Kawum, Kokis, to all vegetables & curries, we used Coconut Oil. We lived healthy, we lived strong. But that was Coconut Oil milled with “Sekkuwa” (a classic example of Sri Lankan technology cherishing sustainability). In a commercialized world where “Quantity” hits No.1, Sekkuwa has been kicked out of its place. It is replaced by machinery that crushes tonnes of coconut flesh in a flash, making gallons of oil per day at a very low cost. Have you had any experience when massive quantities of bulky material are forcefully squeezed/ crushed?  Surely, Yes. Temperature shoots up to unbearable limits.

What happens to leafy vegetables; Gotukola, Mukunuwanna, Nivithi (Spinach), Cabbage, Lettuce when they are heated & cooked? All the nutrition is lost right.Same goes with Ordinary Coconut Oils; it is heated up-to hundreds of Celsius during express milling and all is lost.

In Virgin Coconut Oil; Right after the hard coconut shell is removed, the white coconut flesh is milled slowly & steadily taking a lesson from our culture. Unrefined, Unbleached, Non-Deodorized: Simply because it does not need any refining. Clear as water. But this is Coconut Oil possessing all natural goodness.

Wanna Try Some? In your Salads, Smoothies, daily Cooking, for Hair-care, as a skin Moisturizer……

Game on with Super Fatty Acids

Humans need fatty acids for special functions of the body. Thus fats should not be labeled as “bad / unhealthy”.

There are important fatty acids which the world has set their focus upon.

Fish Oil capsules contain “omega-3” fatty acids, Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains “oleic acid (a type of omega- 9 fatty acids)”, and mother’s breast milk is a rich source of “lauric acid”.

Without comprehensive theory, by observing the child’s growth “Lauric Acid” can be simply understood as an immunity super star & a brain booster.

The only other place on earth, where Lauric Acid is found in such high percentages (50% of contents)?

In Sri Lanka, in our own Original Coconut Oil (termed as “VCO” by the present world)