Tea Usage

  • Simply as BREWED TEA. Hot or Cold


  • Cooking:

    Add tea in milk, soups, ice creams, coconut milk or juice. Use steeped tea leaves or ground dry tea leaves like a spice or to season your favorite sweet or savory dishes.


  • Cleaning

    • Wood floors / furniture: Soak a cloth with brewed, room temperature tea and rub it gently for natural color and shine. Use green tea on lighter wood and black tea on darker wood.
    • Toilets: Let few tea bags settle down in the toilet for an hour, then discard them before scrubbing the toilet with a brush and flushing.
    • Mirrors and windows: Fill cold brewed tea in a spray bottle and use it to make mirrors and glass sparkle.


  • Deodorizing

    • Carpets: Sprinkle dried tea leaves across a carpet and let them sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Then vacuum them up. Soaked tea shall stain the carpet.
    • Car air freshener: Put tea bags under the seat to fight odors.
    • House scenting: scatter tea bags in different places around the house.
    • Get rid of fishy smells: Rub smelly fish, onion or garlic hands with brewed tea.


  • Gardening

Tea is highly acidic and full of nutrients that can help plants flourish. Instead of dumping out steeped tea leaves or bags, throw them into a compost pile or to a plant pot.


  • Remedy for tired eyes & as mouthwash

    • Warm / wet teabags can reduce puffiness and soothe pain around tired eyes.
    • Toothaches and oral pains can be soothed with a rinse of tea mixed with a little salt.