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Coconut Water

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Organic Coconut Water

In an era where people are extremely conscious about their health, that even the world’s most powerful brands have to move into zero sugar, 100% natural or organic manufacturing and branding.

A cool drink for a hard day’s work has become a basic requirement. Nothing but “Water” is the real solution for this need. But due to the desire for excitement in carbonated effects, unique tastes consumers have been taken on a different journey. We feel that the potential exists for a new journey. Our dream is about three natural beverages; “King Coconut Water”, “Coconut Water” and “Cool Green tea”. Affordable, tasteful drinks that cuts out cholesterol and supply antioxidants (which neutralize cancer cells in the body), minerals with every sip.

Organic King Coconut Water

100% Nature’s gift, specially from Sri Lanka to the World.  The young coconut is green in color and the King Coconut is a different variety of coconut (orange in color), it only grows in Sri Lanka. It is called “THAMBILI” in Sinhala language.

THAMBILI has been the traditional thirst replenisher and has been admired for its nutritive curative attributes. Soft taste, cooling effect makes this a unique energizer over common green coconut water.

Zero Sugar Natural Beverage
Electrolytes while working or during sport
Bottled in Glass without Preservatives