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Sri Lankan Jackfruit, Banana blossom, Lasia and other required fruits and veggies can be dehydrated, frozen, made into brine solutions, canned according to your market requirement.  

Organic Jackfruit & Banana Blossom

Due to the health benefits, taste, appearance and texture Young jackfruit is gaining high popularity as a vegan food product and for others to replace meat with an alternative.

Dried young jack-fruit and ripen jack-fruit is used as an ingredient for corn-flakes, cereals, oats and other food products.

Jack-fruit is abundantly grown in Sri Lanka and is as much closer to Sri Lankans as our rice. We wish to take on the world stage with our much loved product.

  • Young (or Tender) Jackfruit in brine is a vegan alternative to pork
  • Banana blossom is a vegan alternative to fish
  • These can be packed in cans, glass jars with brine or freeze dried.
Jackfruit seeds in Pouch
Tender Jackfruit in Brine
Ripen Jackfruit in Syrup